The Woodpecker DVD is now available. Released by
Carnivalesuqe Films, the DVD includes a featurette on
David Sibley (The Sibley Guide to Birds), an audio
commentary track with actor Jon e. Hryns and director
Alex Karpovsky, and a theatrical trailer. You may purchase
the DVD directly through the distributor or rent it at
Netflix and various other stores and outlets nationwide.


The Woodpecker soundtrack is now available on
iTunes, Amazon MP3, and other online music stores.

The film's score was composed by James Lavino and
performed with contributions from Colin Greenwood
(Radiohead), and Lee and Tyler Sargent (Clap Your
Hands Say Yeah
). A long-distance collaboration,
the album was recorded in London and Oxfordshire, UK;
Brooklyn, NY; and several locations on CYHSY's
tour. The album is Colin's first musical project
outside of Radiohead and showcases Lee and Tyler's
impressive multi-instrument-playing talents.
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